Momentum in St. Augustine

Momentum in St. Augustine

Chiropractic St. Augustine FL Momentum

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Art. 135- MOMENTUM

“Is the possession of motion: requiring effort and time to stop it. Chiropractically, Momentum is the progress of dis-ease or health, requiring time and effort to stop it.

The Momentum of either health or disease depends upon the survival values; which are material values requiring time to change. There is no process that does not require time."

- R.W. Stephenson

We Are All Building Momentum In St Augustine

This quote of from a Chiropractic Philosophy Textbook written in 1927. And the point that it is trying to make is that we are all building momentum towards health or towards dis-ease which can become disease.

How do we develop momentum you ask? With our actions and our thoughts, yes even your thoughts.

Everyday we are making choices that are building momentum in a healing direction or a destructive way(Dis-ease). Hopefully we are building more momentum in the direction of health than of dis-ease.

It is a well know fact that your thoughts can build positive or negative momentum. Is the glass half empty or half full? Are you even grateful to have a glass? Are you living with more faith or more fear. Your thoughts build Momentum. What are you focusing on?

This is a very important concept as we move into the holiday season. It is a sad but true reality that we “believers” usually celebrate Holy Days with food that is destructive and builds negative momentum to what we all want which is better health. (Food for thought: in biblical times they celebrated Holy Days with the Best food not the worst for you foods.)

In knowing this there are things we can do. For example, my wife always makes me eat a healthy meal, usually with extra large portion green vegetable before we go to a Christmas party that is going to have fried double dipped in chocolate with double stuffing Oreo.... or something like that.

Do you get the idea? If you know you are going somewhere that you are going to be tempted to eat poorly(Negative Momentum) then double up on the good stuff.

The Holidays are a time to Increase positive Momentum on healthy living because it is also a time where we make some of the worst eating choices and is an emotionally stressful time of the year. Now is the time to get your spine adjusted more frequently not less, it is a time to start taking vitamins or even double up on some of your vitamins like Vit D, it is even more important to exercise even just to take a walk.

So in the Holy Days that come remember to build momentum towards health so that we can hit 2024 with the momentum: of a Freight Train or a kid on a bike but lets get MOMENTUM!!..... CHOOOO CHOOO 🙂


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