Peak Performance Running Analysis in St. Augustine

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Your St. Augustine Physical Therapist can help with many issues. Give us a call today to find out how we can get you to your peak performance!

What you will receive with your analysis in St. Augustine

  • Slow-motion Video analysis outside (not on a treadmill) from 3 perspectives along with a video of functional movements to identify any asymmetries that keep you from top performance or that can lead to injury.
  • Analysis of tri-planar Core strength needed to be a successful runner.
  • Analysis of a specific range of motion in key areas needed to run efficiently.
  • Personal exercise prescription to help eliminate the deficits identified in your analysis that hold you back from peak performance and that can lead to injury.

An exam is also done to look at the body's imbalances and differences in flexibility and strength that may be causing the compensation patterns found in the video. This enables us to find the sources of the compensation and work on running form, incorporating a more fluid and less stressful running form that leads to increased performance and decreases in injury.


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