Chiropractic Testimonials

"Joe is amazing! We worked with him when we both lived in Miami. He saw me throughout my third pregnancy with twins, and I had zero back pain throughout the 37 weeks that I carried them (and they were 6.3 lbs each!) He also came to our home and adjusted them at just a week or two old. Professional, kind, caring. St. Augustine is lucky to have him!"

- Lisa B.

"Dr Joe is wonderful! I saw him for a week of treatment and after 3 visits I was pain free! Continuing my treatment plan with both internal and external techniques to prevent further injury. He has improved my quality of life 10 Fold! Can’t recommend him enough! Truly a holistic approach to healing!"

- Nick W.

"Even thought Dr. Accurso is new to Jacksonville, he has been one of the premier chiropractors in all of Miami for many years, and his ability as a doctor make him one of the very best in the nation."

- Dr. Ben L.

"Dr. Joe is the best chiropractor. Once in a while I would have a flare up with my sciatica, I would get adjusted by Dr. Joe and it was instant relief. Even started to bring my mom who had spine surgery and was complaining about cramps in her legs, started getting adjusted and her pain improved significantly. from walking with pain , not being able to get up from bed to going pain free. I definitely recommend Dr. Joe!"

-Sergio T.

"My entire family has been visiting Dr Joe for several weeks and he has been doing an amazing job. Recently my son had a double ear infection and was in pain. The pediatrician gave him antibiotics to help with the infection but said he could only take OTC for the pain but that wasn’t helping. My wife read online that chiropractic adjustments can help with ear infection pain. I reached out to Dr Joe, we saw him the same day for an adjustment and my son didn’t need any more pain meds for his ear infection. Thank you Dr Joe!!!"

- Matthew H.

"Dr. Joe with Ancient City Chiropractic is amazing! He has cared for my entire family, even my 10 year old son, who now begs me to take him to be adjusted. His educational approach makes you feel comfortable with the process and gives you some life hacks to improve health, posture and overall wellness. I HIGHLY recommend him!"

- Tiffany C.


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