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We treat the source of your problem, not just the pain! At our chiropractic and physical therapy office in St. Augustine FL, your body is evaluated as a complete biomechanical chain to find out the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Movement analysis and skilled hands-on techniques are applied to restore function along with education for prevention of future recurrences of injuries. As function is restored and pain decreases, the ability of the human body can sustain activities of postural alignment during work, activities of daily living, and athletic workouts.

How it All Started in St. Augustine FL

Cathy had a vision of what giving great care to patients would be like and kept that vision for years until she opened her first office in 2005. In 2021 she moved her office to St Augustine FL. Great care is the ability to provide a highly skilled hands on approach to each patient. This involves spending more time one on one with each person to educate and empower them to live a life free of pain She shares that vision of great care with her husband Dr. Joe Accurso. Cathy and Dr. Joe Accurso teach healthy living Classes at local churches and places of business throughout Florida. In Balance Physical Therapy (located inside Ancient City Chiropractic) is about treating the individual and their specific needs. These needs target the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. Our mission is to empower our patients to take better care of their bodies, so they don’t need us. This is done through individualized one on one care directed towards the premise that structure = function. Whether you have knee pain or back pain, our therapists will perform a complete evaluation and treat the whole body to restore function in it, not just treat the symptom.

Physical Therapy Services


This unique system is a dynamic scanning device that you walk across, capturing you biomechanical imbalances and evaluating your need for orthotics.

Chiropractic St. Augustine FL FootMaxx Physical Therapy


Posture Fit is a program to restore balance, core strength, and posture through one-on-one physical therapy customized for each person.

Chiropractic St. Augustine FL Posture Fit


The primary purpose of Kinesio taping is to not only provide support for joints and muscles but also to aid in the elimination of pain and increase both lymph drainage and blood flow.

Chiropractic St. Augustine FL Taping Physical Therapy


The peak performance running analysis offers a video analysis from 3 perspectives to capture a true biomechanical evaluation.

Chiropractic St. Augustine FL Running Physical Therapy

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