Physical Therapy Testimonials

"The instructions I received at the Peak Performance Running Analysis has improved my running. By filming the way I ran then having it evaluated, pointed out how I was inefficient. In Balance Physical Therapy showed me a better way to run along with strength exercises. Wow! was the reaction after the first run. I now felt that I was running with less effort and I tired less. Looking forward to the running season. Thank you for your help."

- Ray H.

"As an elite level athlete, I’ve competed for years at national and international events. I’ve had MANY and I mean MANY injuries. That means I’ve had a great deal of experience with physical therapists over the years, including the sports medicine team at the US Olympic Training Center. I’d like to think I know my body pretty well at this point and I know when I’m receiving good care. My mother is also a PT so I have very high standards when it comes to my care.

With all the being said, In Balance Physical Therapy is absolutely SUPERIOR in terms of quality of service and it’s staff. Their team is honestly some of the best I’ve found in Florida, if not the country. I’m currently in the process of recovering from one of the most major joint operations there is and it’s been a long, tough battle. The team at In Balance has proven knowledgable, passionate and amazing to work with and they have been paramount to my recovery-both physically as well as emotionally. I’ve honestly been to about 5 different physical therapists prior to In Balance and I found them both discouraging and a waste of time. At In Balance, I receive one on one attention, completely customized rehab programs and a great deal of hands-on therapy. I honestly was over the moon when I found In Balance!
As a gym owner and martial arts instructor, I refer all of my clients to In Balance Physical Therapy because I know they’ll receive the best care possible regardless of what their injury is. I’m thankful every day that I have such a caring and knowledgable team behind me as I work towards my physical goals."

- Darcy G.

"When I came to Physical Therapy I had pains in my shoulder and back. With In Balance Physical Therapy’s hands on approach I find it helped me find where the pain is actually coming from and with the home stretching he advises, it really helps to relieve the pain. I am very pleased with the team at In Balance Physical Therapy."

- Regina D.

"I had a severe hamstring pull and was directed to In Balance by an athlete friend of mine. I am so glad I listened Marialla and went there. This place has a very different approach to PT from any other I have ever been to. A full hour with hands on time and a very different approach to care. I have healed great, and learned a lot about my body!"

- Marialla R.

"I had a torn ACL that was repaired when I come to In Balance Physical Therapy. I would not have recovered as fast or as well without their hard work. I would absolutely recommend them with our hesitation. Their work is phenomenal and they are very knowledgeable."

- Maria P.


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