Do Chiropractors Just Treat Back Pain in St. Augustine

Do Chiropractors Just Treat Back Pain in St. Augustine

Do Chiropractors Just Treat Back Pain

If back pain is an issue in your life, you are not alone. There are many people struggling with the same issue in St. Augustine. Most people will go through some sort of back pain in their life, whether it be from a tough day of exercise or after lifting a large object. Most times when a muscle is strained the pain will go away with a couple days of rest. If your pain is not originating from muscular issue then there is a larger problem present. In many cases, a spinal disc injury has occurred but don’t worry because our St. Augustine chiropractor at Ancient City Chiropractic can help.

This type of injury is not rare by any means. It can be extremely painful but your chiropractor has helped patients overcome the injury many times and Ancient City Chiropractic can help you understand what is going on.

The Spinal Disc

Between each vertebrae is a cushion. They are known as intervertebral discs. The entire disc is encapsulated by a cartilage structure that has a ligamentous wall and a soft gelatin-like middle. Their purpose is to act as a shock absorber which prevents the vertebrae from sliding together. They also play a role in the flexibility of the spine and are part of what keeps the spine very strong.

The bulging of a disc occurs when the gelatinous center of the disc starts to push on the outer wall but has not torn the outer wall yet. Some studies suggest that about 60% of adults are living with more than one protruding disc. Much of this population experiences no pain. When the gel begins to poke through the wall then the disc is no longer bulging but is known as herniated. This herniation can cause pain due to the nerve irritation. Numbness and inflammation are also common when a disc is herniated.

When the disc completely breaks through the wall, it is referred to as a disc extrusion. This is a very serious condition that is paired with extreme back pain that can immobilize the spine.

Call our St. Augustine chiropractic team to take your first step in getting a better life and relieving your back pain. Schedule a consultation today at Ancient City Chiropractic for your personalized treatment plan.


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